Pawn Shop 24 hours 7 days week is open for convenience and request of our pawn shop clients. In our pawn shops we are pawn any items of value 24 hours 7 days a week. Our pawn shop always open, you can count on our pawn shop at any time you need money. Pawn Shop is committed to provide our pawn shop customers with great loan and excellent service.

Anything of Value from $ 10 to 15,000 in minutes Cash. No credit check! Sell It or Loan Money on your items.
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If you have any questions, we’re eager to help you. Please call our office representatives:
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No Credit Check ... $$$ 
CASH within 5 Minutes
In our Pawn Shop Stores we are happy to offer to you 2 (two) options:
  I.Option: Buy ANYTHING OF VALUE from $10 to 45,000 Instant Cash to you!  
  II.Option: You do not have to Sell your items to us. We will Instantly Loan you Cash for 4 months on your item/s!   No Credit Check!  

Your item/s is insured and Safe with us!

*Each store operate independently
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"You have It-Well's Buy It on Loan on It"
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  Our Pawn Shop Stores has many repeat satisfied clients who keep using our services again and again to help them meet their living needs or if they need Instant Cash.  

Our Unique Pawn Shop Stores: Buy or Loan Money on “Anything of Value”
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will give you an Instant Fast CASH!  


We provide loans on Diamond jewelry, Gold jewelry, Watches, Silverware, camera, tools, musical instruments, cars etc…..  
  If you have any questions, we’re eager to help you. Please call our office representatives:
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10525 Long Beach Blvd
Lynwood, CA 90262

15 min. from Downtown, Los Angeles.

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15019 S. Atlantic Ave
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El Monte
Tel: 626-448-4400

3014 Peck Road
El Monte, CA 91731

(10 min. from Downtown, Los Angeles)

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*Each store operate independently

Pawn Shop: If this is first time you are taken a loan on your jewelry or attempted to sell jewelry or pawn your jewelry, you may have a number of questions about pawn shop. If youíve seen many stores store fronts pop up or have been invited to parties touting "cash for gold" you may be confused as to the best way to sell jewelry or get a loan on it compare to pawn shop. Since now gold, silver and other precious metals are valued at all time highs, it is important to go to a pawn shop- jewelry expert who is trustworthy to appraise your gold, silver or estate and vintage jewelry accurately and provide you best price. This what our pawn shop is specialize top price and best service to our pawn shop clients.

Our loyal pawn shop customers return again and again because they enjoy confidential, private service from our courteous, knowledgeable pawnshop staff. Our staff in pawn shops understand that taking a loan or selling a precious item is not always an easy decision specially for new pawn shop cliens, thatís why in our pawn shops we believe discretion is of the utmost importance.

What is a pawn shop and history of pawn shop. Business (pawnshop or pawn shop) that offers secured loans to people, with items of personal property used as collateral. The word pawn is derived from the Latin pignus, for pledge, and the items having been pawned to the broker are themselves called pledges or pawns, or simply the collateral.

If an item is pawned for a loan in pawn shop, within a certain contractual period of time the pawner may purchase it back from pawnshop for the amount of the loan plus some agreed-upon amount for interest. The amount of time, and rate of interest, is governed by law or by the pawnbroker's policies in pawn shop. If the loan is not paid in pawnshop (or extended, if applicable) within the time period, the pawned item will be offered for sale by pawn shop, Unlike other lenders, the pawnbroker in pawn shop does not report the defaulted loan on the customer's credit report, since the pawnbroker has physical possession of the item and may recoup the loan value through outright sale of the item.

In the west, pawnbroking existed in the Ancient Greek and Roman Empires. As the empire spread its culture, pawnbroking went with it. Likewise, in the East, the business model existed in China 3000 years ago

Pawn shop are often run as part of jewelry stores. Gold, silver, and diamonds are frequently accepted as collateral

In pawn shop therea are three things that happen in any pawn shop hundreds of times every day:

  • People borrow money by putting up something they own as collateral in pawnshop.
  • People sell used merchandise o pawn shop.
  • People buy new and used merchandise from pawn shop.
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